Take Care of Your Light

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Never pass up a chance to glow.

Shine with all you have.

The brighter your light, the further it travels.

These are quotes we read in inspirational cards or motivational books.

We often are told to shine bright and then advised to shine brighter.

And while such sentiments have their place, I’d like to suggest that YOU determine how bright your light shines.

In other words, take control of the intensity of your light.

Consider this:

On some occasions, your level of shine may warrant the illumination of a night light or a flickering candle, signaling the sacredness or intimacy of the event.

At other instances, the intensity of your glow may call for the wattage of a flouresent light or an overhead light, cueing you to illuminate the path for others who need additional lighting or support to find their way.

Still, sometimes, you may choose to turn off your light and engaged in much-needed self-care, gifting yourself time for rest, relaxation or restoration to avoid burning out.

Finally, shining is important but so is managing the intensity of your glow. If you find yourself constantly burning the candle at both ends and feeling physically fatigued or emotionally overwhelmed, then this is a clear and urgent signal, warning you to take care of YOUR light.

You matter to me. Be well and be joy.

Dr. Brenda Joy

3 replies on “Take Care of Your Light”

Brenda, your message speaks volumes! Its so important for people to understand there is a way to take back their life when its spinning out of control. Your simplistic but important analogy will hit home with many, including me! It’s easy to remember your message and applicable for every day living!

Your comments capture the essence of the significant message, urging people to “take care of their individual lights.” We’re often more apt to care for others at the expense of ourselves. This is a time when we must come to our own rescue and save ourselves in order to support others. Thank you for your meaningful remarks, Victoria.

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